Glenalta rises from the combination of the distinctive and complementary capabilities of its Founders, who can boast a successful managerial background, twenty years’ experience in corporate finance operations and private equity and a direct experience as a promoters of Italian SPACs.

After the positive experience with Glenalta Food, the previous SPAC focused on the Italian Food Sector, (that after the Business Combination with GF Group became Orsero S.p.A.) Luca Giacometti, with more than two decades of experience in Private Equity and Gino Lugli, with twenty years of management experience in Ferrero, have joined forces again, together with Stefano Malagoli, Silvio Marenco, and Lorenzo Bachschmid to create Glenalta, a brand-new generalist SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) designed to invest in the Italian excellence.

Luca Giacometti completed the “Made in Italy 1” project, the first Italian SPAC with which SESA S.p.A. was successfully listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. After the excellent results of “Made in Italy 1”, Giacometti created an investment company, “IPO Challenger”, which on January 2015 listed “I.W.B. Italian Wine Brands” on the AIM Italia market of the Milan Stock Exchange. I.W.B. controls two subsidiaries, “Giordano Vini” and “Provinco Italia” with the purpose of becoming one of the major wine entities of the country.

In July 2015, Giacometti founded, together with Gino Lugli, Stefano Malagoli and Silvio Marenco, Glenalta Food S.p.A., a SPAC focused on the Italian Food sector that, after an IPO of € 80 mln equity, performed the Business Combination with G.F. Group S.p.A. on the 28th of October 2016. The combined entity, namely Orsero S.p.A., is currently listed on the Italian AIM market.